I'm fundraising for KYDS & other charities

Lindfield Fun Run 2022

I'm fundraising for KYDS & other Rotary charities

Please help me raise funds for KYDS.

I’ve decided to raise much-needed funds to support KYDS. (KYDS Youth Development Services)
KYDS aim to ensure that young people are not overwhelmed by issues such as grief, loss, family breakups, friendship problems, school and study stress, addictions, risky behaviour, anger, bullying, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, body image concerns, mental health concerns, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

KYDS helps young people understand, and manage these difficult issues. We do this by providing easily accessed, personalised counselling and mental health support services, family counselling, and early intervention wellbeing workshops and information events.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Thank you to my Sponsors



Nice work mate



good job Nick


Nick Noble

Nice one bud, keep up the good work!


Carlos G

Go hard brother


Alex Detheridge


Alexis King

Love you Kenny. 👑


Gail Easton


The Kennys

You’re doing great work Nick! Proud of what you’ve achieved and what you’re aiming for.



Love ya brother. Sorry I can't afford more.


Nick Kenny



Good work


Dion Ng

Jog on


Dion Ng

Runnnnnnnnn Gordon!